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Abuse and Crackdown on the Thai ED Visa

Abuse and Crackdown on the Thai ED VisaVisa abuse is not a novelty in Thailand and for the past  years we have seen a race between foreigners who abuse the visa system to stay in Thailand (and those who assist them) and the Thai Immigration who always finish by catching up.


Visa in Thailand

ED Visa in ThailandDo you wish to stay in Thailand for a full year or longer, but don't qualify for a retirement, business or marriage visa? Are you tired of frequent "visa runs" to the Cambodian border or Laos? Do you have problems with "too many" or back-to-back tourist visa in your passport?


Crackdown on Education Visas to 'Fake Students'

Crackdown on Education Visas to 'Fake Students'Thailand's Ministry of Education has warned all schools which offer Education Visas to foreigners to be legitimate and make sure the students adhere to attendance and testing requirements. This has been ongoing for a while and the Thai government has now reacted.


Stricter Requirements for Tourist Visa Applicants

Stricter Requirements for Tourist Visa ApplicantsThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok has instructed Thai embassies abroad to be "stricter with requirements when applicants are applying for 60-day tourist visas for Thailand." These rules have followed on from the 15 day border crossing rules which are already in place.


Thai Elite Visa

Thailand Elite visa is a special visa aimed for high networth businessmen, digital nomads, retirees, investors, high income individuals, and families looking to move in to Thailand. The Elite member or card holder has special privileges such as VIP treatment at the airport, exclusive spa and golf courses, special discount at major department stores and shopping malls, elite personal assistance, and many more. To learn more if Thailand Elite Visa is the most suitable long term visa for you, just click the link below.