Marriage in Thailand: What You Need to Know

Marriage in Thailand: What You Need to Know

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As marriage is one of the milestones in a person’s life it must be held and celebrated in the best way the couple prefers it to be- from choosing the place of marriage, location, or marriage theme. The couple may tailor-fit it in accordance to one’s culture, tradition or religion.

By choosing to marry in Thailand there are rites, rituals and intricacies of a traditional Thai wedding ceremony. On its legal aspect, marriage in Thailand involves following the Thailand law and marriage court rules. Marriage registration in Thailand is actually the process of registering the marriage at a Register Office.

Marriage in Thailand includes the following requirements: Both parties need to be at least seventeen years of age(for Thai national), for foreigners who want to marry in Thailand, the eligible age would depend on their country’s rule of marriageable age. Take note that this could vary depending on nationality; the person should not be insane or otherwise mentally incapacitated; the couple should not have the same adoptive parents; they should not have blood relations; and they must not have a spouse at the time they marry in Thailand.

In addition to this, there are documents required to submit in order to marry in Thailand. Getting all of these documents ready including the House Registration Certificate in the case of Thai nationals, proof of previous divorce or death of spouse, and affidavits from embassy, as well as translated copies of affidavits approved by the Foreign Ministry take time and effort to prepare. A reputable law firm in Thailand could assist you in the preparation of these documents and communicating with the different government agencies involved. The documents required for each marriage application vary depending on whether you are a Thai national or a foreigner, what nationality you have or what passport you do hold.

A good law firm in Thailand will provide you information and basic marriage registration procedure, thus allowing yourself and your to-be spouse enough time to arrange for all of these documents before you come to Thailand and marry. Knowing the correct information will save you time and effort and avoid denial of your marriage registration application due to incomplete documents. Retaining the service of a law firm will assure you stress-free marriage preparation.

You may also consider preparing prenuptial agreements or other management of property and assets before you plan to marry in Thailand. Thai lawyer or a law firm in Thailand could assist you with this.

Once all the documents are ready, you can do the actual registration process with the District Office. The couple will be required to give consent to take each other as spouse in front of the registrar by giving their signatures, verbal consent and written declarations.

You can make your marriage in Thailand easy, organized and less stressful giving you more time to enjoy the wonderful attractions in Thailand with your partner while getting the wedding of your dreams.


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