How to Get Thai Re-Entry Permit

How to Get Thai Re-Entry Permit

re-entry permit

The following questions highlight when and when you don’t need to secure re-entry permit:

  • Am I allowed to travel outside Thailand if I am holding a marriage visa, retirement visa, permanent residency or work permit?
  • What if I have a single entry business visa and I wish to visit other countries yet I still need to go back to Thailand, should I apply for a new visa?
  • I arrived in Thailand using Visa on Arrival. I flew outside the country after a couple of days, with an intention to fly back to Bangkok and stay. Do I need re-entry permit?

Many foreigners overlook the importance of securing Re-entry permit before traveling outside the country which often result to cancellation of current Thai visa or even work permits. To avoid wasting resources like time, money, effort and going through another visa application and work permit processing, it would help expats to identify when one should secure re-entry permit.

Re-entry permit is a document in Thailand issued to foreigners who are holding single entry business visa, long term visas (such as: marriage visa and retirement visa which has already been extended to one year), permanent residency or work permit and would like to travel outside of Thailand for a short period with the intention of returning and continuing your current Thai visa where you had left off. This document provides authorization to the holder to leave the country for a few days, come back again to Thailand within your visa validity, without needing to get another visa. This must be obtained prior to leaving Thailand so holder won’t lose visa status/work permit upon departure.

If you leave Thailand and return without a re-entry permit your one year visa will be invalidated and you need to start the process again from scratch. Ensure that you have applied for a single or multiple re-entry permit before you leave Thailand.

Visa Exemption

For foreigners who entered Thailand under the Visa Exemption Rule you are not qualified to obtain a reentry permit because you do not have a Thai visa.

Where to get Re-entry Permit?

You can secure Re-entry permit at Suvarnabhumi airport immigration check point or at the Immigration office in Bangkok.

Can I Apply Online?

Application for Re-entry permit must be made in person.

  • Passport or travel document (1 original and 1 copy)
  • One recent photograph (4X6 cm)
  • Re-Entry application form (TM-8 form)
  • Application fee

Application must be made in person one or two days prior to your departure.

Re-Entry Permit Fees
  • Single-Entry Re-Entry Permit = 1000 THB
  • Multiple Entry Re-Entry Permit = 3800 THB

Any long-term visas or work permit holders are allowed to travel outside Thailand as long as re-entry permit is secured prior to travel.

If a foreigner holds a single entry business visa, by securing re-entry permit there is no need to apply for a new visa because upon returning to Thailand the same visa can be used.

Foreigners who arrived in Thailand using Visa on Arrival (i.e. China, India, Russia, Taiwan nationals), securing re-entry permit is not necessary even though the holder will re-enter Thailand within that 15-day visa time-frame. When you leave the country, you would have to get a new Visa on Arrival on your next entry. There is no limit to how many times you can do this (Visa on Arrival).


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