New 30-Day Automatic Extensions for Visa Waiver Countries to Thailand

New 30-Day Automatic Extensions for Visa Waiver Countries to Thailand

30-day Automatic Extensions for Thai Visa Waiver

The Thai government has implemented new visa regulations in an attempt to increase tourism while also closing loopholes by immigration scofflaws. With the number of tourist down significantly during the political unrest, the Thai government has made it easy for nationals of the 30-day visa waiver countries to extend their stay to get an extension stamp for an additional 30 days for only 1900 baht. This move is in addition to the implementation of a three-month visa fee waiver for travelers from China and Taiwan.

30-day Extensions for Thai Visa Waivers

In conjunction with the 30-day extensions for visa waivers, the Thai government has closed the loophole, which allowed foreign nationals to bypass Thai immigration law by going on a “visa run.” These nationals previously were able to cross over the Thai border and renter Thailand on a new 30-day visa. Automatic extensions for those who repeatedly cross the border will no longer be allowed.

Thailand Education Visa

New rules are also coming into effect for Thai Education visas. For non-formal schools, Non-ED visa holders will only be allowed to remain in Thailand for a year before having to leave Thailand to obtain a new visa. In addition, the study requirements will be raised from a minimum of four hours a week to a minimum of eight hours per week. “A consequences of the eight-hour requirement will be that a course that is currently approved as a three-year course will now only have a value for 18 months. Another aspect is that the tuition fees now will have to be raised because of the extra teaching and the prices for a course will go up.”

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