Multiple Entry Tourist Visa to Thailand

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa to Thailand

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially confirmed the availability of the new 6-month multiple-entry tourist visa beginning 13th of November 2015. The multiple-entry visa, according to the ministry, was a new measure to further increase the number of international arrivals in Thailand. With the implementation of this visa, the Thai government banks on seeing improvements on the country’s tourism sector while also aiming at facilitating the forthcoming ASEAN Community.

Multiple-entry vs single-entry tourist visa

The new multiple-entry tourist visa is expected to benefit people who make frequent trips to Thailand. This option will also become available to all nationalities. While it is similar to the regular tourist visa in some aspects, the multi-entry tourist visa still offers new features which make it quite interesting to many international travelers.

  • The validity period of the new multiple-entry visa is six months; thus, saving tourists the hassle of having to lodge several visa applications in case they wish to make a few trips to Thailand in a span of six months.
  • Foreigners who have this visa will be able to travel in and out of Thailand for as often as they want, for up to 60 days per entry. Unlike the regular tourist visa, a re-entry permit will not be required if a foreigner wants to leave and come back before the 60 days duration is over.
  • When the holder of the multiple-entry visa makes a border trip and returns back one day before the expiration of the visa, he will still be permitted to stay in Thailand for another 60 days; hence, giving him up to 2 months extension to the visa.
  • The multiple-entry visa will cost THB 5,000 which is still cheaper than the total cost of applying for two tourist visas with 30-day extension on each.
What tourists cannot do with the multiple-entry tourist visa

As previously mentioned, foreigners with multiple-entry tourist visa can only stay in Thailand for a maximum period of 60 days per entry, after which they must make an exit trip or apply for an extension at a local immigration office. Failure to do so will require them to pay an overstay fine.

Also, in contrary to what many people think, the multiple-entry tourist visa cannot be applied for nor can be renewed from inside Thailand. Foreigners who wish to obtain this type of visa will have to visit the Thai Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. Although, there are embassies in the neighboring countries of Thailand which accept applications from certain nationalities.

And finally, foreigners who intend to apply for the multiple-entry tourist visa visa must keep in mind that this visa is issued for the purpose of tourism only. Under the current immigration rules, travelers on a tourist visa are not permitted to participate in any type of work during their stay in Thailand. This is regardless if they are engaging themselves in a paid type of work or in an unpaid voluntary activity.


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  1. I need information about long term visa for Thailand I need one year visa I am running guest house. Owned construction company, flour mills. Petrol pums in Islamabad. So I have to visit Thailand for business purpose and tourism purpose. Therefore I am looking for visa. Please reply me with documentation requirement and visa fee.

    1. You will need to apply for a Thai visa that’s under the category of non-immigrant B (business). For information on the visa requirements and application process, please contact the Thai Embassy in your country.

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